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Given the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 virus, which come to add to an already aggravated situation from the long-term economic crisis and unemployment that plague Greece, distance learning at European Universities offers security and financial relief.
Candidates who choose distance learning, receive a student number and an official university identity, are considered officially Students of European University and their degree is officialy of the University in which they studied, and is globally acknowledged.

Non Profit Organization
In Memory of Ioannis M. Papamichael

Our Activities

The purpose and activities of our above-mentioned non-profit organisation are summarized as follows: we wish to contribute, as much as possible, to our holy purpose, aiming to the provision of our youths with equal opportunities to pursue brilliant studies, by choosing the sector they wish to engage with, with minimum expenses, as far as this can be.

Above all, at elite European French, as well as English, public universities, even within the admittedly negative circumstance we are experiencing, of a profound multidimensional economic crisis — and more (capital controls, unemployment that has unfortunately escalated with more than a million unemployed, of whom 60% youths).

So, instead of making our young people study abroad, we offer them the great and beneficial opportunity to study in Greece via our modern and latest-tech system, via the Internet and platforms of the above European public universities (Internet on Line - email - Videoconference Interactive - with image and sound - Skype - virtual campus 24 hours a day -7 days a week) that is, anytime and day they wish, simply by using their special individual code, as well as from any place they are, in — or outdoors, as well as from anywhere within the Greek territory.

It should be noted that they shall not need books for this, as their curriculum, tasks and tests are also available via the Internet. So, they shall prepare following their own schedule, tailored to their needs. For their bachelor's and master's degrees, there are the elite French undergraduate public universities: license 1-2-3, and the English undergraduate: Bachelor of Science 1-2-3. Furthermore, there are the French postgraduate masters 1 + 2 programs, as well as the MBA and MBA Executive, always under the strict supervision and assistance of foreign university professors who assist in the difficuIties and questions they shall face, as well as in the corrections of their tests.

In addition to this, they shall be required to prepare many papers on the subject matters of their various classes, thus gaining on knowledge and experience. Later on, they shall be required to prepare their thesis "memoire de these". Then practice in the specialty of their profession shall be necessary, from 3 to 6 months, in order for them to find suitable work in Greece or abroad, based on their choice and profession.

The most beneficial of all is that they shall not be required to attend their classes live (given a specific hour or classroom), which allows them to work part-time to gain valuable experience of their profession in the future.

This, of course, generally applies to the candidates who take part in the Panhellenic examinations and unfortunately, are not able to study at the Higher Education Institutions or Technological Education Institutions of the city where they live, thus burdening their families with 'unbearable expenses, given the current economic situation, such as rent – power - telephone and especially nutrition. This bears the consequence that most of them have not even been able to study in the city where they made it to and continue to burden their parents with overpriced schooling and preparation costs, looking forward to a future success in the next Panhellenic examinations - if there can be any.

The degrees they shall now acquire are equivalent to those of full-time studies at foreign universities, while tuition fees and subscription costs are much lower. They are also provided immediately after their registration with the official student identity card of the university they shall be attending.

Finally, their degrees are officially acknowledged by the Greek Ministry of Education, thus securing the license. to practice their profession.

For our part, we undertake the direct advisory role in the selection of studies and the preparation of their file, with the required documents translated, as we II as the immediate assistance in any difficulties and queries they shall face, issuing, of course, the respective legal documents for any service we offer.

The fields offered for French studies are: Lettres Modernes, Littérature Comparée, Langue Française comme langue étrangère (L.E.A.), Droit, Economie et Gestion, lnformatique, Psychologie, Langues étrangères Traduction et Interprétariat, MIAGE, M1 + M2 (Master 1 + Master 2), MONE (Management des Organisations de la Net Économie), ACCA, ECN (Epreuves Classantes Nationales), etc.

Always at your disposal for Further Information, thank you in advance.

Michael Papamichael

Application Form

If you would like to participate in one of our programs, please use the following contact form. If you need more information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Michael Papamichael
Non Profit Organisation
9, DRAGATSANIOU str., 15343, AGHIA PARASKEVI | Fax. 2155511099
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